Europe total logistics

Intermodal transport

The logistics market demands innovative solutions, day in - day out. Rising petrol prices, increasingly gridlocked roads and a growing demand for sustainability continuously prompt us to make transport as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. This means we use multiple modes of transport for a single shipment more and more often. This is referred to as intermodal transport.

The Netherlands have an excellent railway network, as well as an intensive infrastructure for inland shipping. Both are reliable and fast. By having your shipment transported by train or barge first, you will avoid gridlock in the Randstad conurbation, saving you the necessary costs. Your shipment can then be collected in the hinterland and transported to whatever destination.

Europe Total Logistics are also specialists in short sea transport to England and Ireland. Transport to these countries is highly suitable for intermodal transport. Your shipment will first be taken to the port by road, after which it will be shipped to the United Kingdom by ferry. Once there, your shipment can be transported to its final destination by road or rail. If a direct shipment via the Eurotunnel is more economical and faster, we will of course go for that option.

Transport to and from Italy is also highly suitable for intermodal transport. This can be done in various ways. Europe Total Logistics has ample experience with transports to Italy. Contact us for the possibilities, and we will select the most economical and fastest modes of transport for you.