Europe total logistics

Road transport

Thousands of trucks make their way to and from the port of Rotterdam every day. The Netherlands have an excellent infrastructure, which means road transport is still the most popular mode of transport, despite gridlocked roads. The Netherlands, and Rotterdam in particular, are the gateway to Europe and as such the ideal country to transport goods to the rest of Europe. Europe Total Logistics will organise this transport for you.

Whether your goods have to be transported to Spain, Italy, England or Russia, we will ensure your container or shipment by truck reaches its destination fast. Europe Total Logistics works closely together with a number of preferred hauliers and has also built up an extensive network. This makes us flexible and it enables us to offer you a very favourable transport price.

Europe Total Logistics is your reliable and independent forwarder. We like to be your partner in the logistics process so that you can rest assured we will always find the most efficient solution for your shipment.