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Certificate of Origin

The Certificate of Origin (CvO) is a document that proves the origins of a product. This document makes it possible to trace the country where the product was manufactured. A Certificate of Origin is not always compulsory; it is often not compulsory at all for EU countries. However, this certificate is compulsory for various countries and you may benefit from it.

The Certificate of Origin is often used in the event that a country is subject to measures under a commercial policy. Examples include boycotts, import restrictions or import quota. However, the certificate may also work in your favour. If the country of origin appears on the list of Most Favoured Nations (MFN), you may have to pay less or no import duties at all.

Our members of staff know exactly when you will need a Certificate of Origin. We will be happy to deal with the formalities of this process. You will reap the benefits and at the same time you are guaranteed not to run any unnecessary risk.