Europe total logistics

Fiscal representation

Europe Total Logistics will look after the entire import and export processes for you, including the financial settlement thereof. We are authorised to act as fiscal representative. This is particularly important for foreign businesses that wish to trade goods in or via the Netherlands. A foreign business often has no Dutch VAT number, which means they cannot reverse-charge the compulsory VAT. By using a fiscal representative this is not needed. The example below serves as explanation:

Imagine a German importer who wishes to import goods from the US via Rotterdam and who also wants the goods to be cleared through customs in Rotterdam. Normally, the German importer will need a Dutch VAT number and pay VAT. He will be able to reclaim this later via a complicated procedure. By having Europe Total Logistics as fiscal representative, that whole process will be much easier. Europe Total Logistics will be happy to deal with this complex procedure on your behalf, as well as declarations, refund applications, the obligation to keep statistics, and VAT registrations.

Import licences

When you wish to import goods from outside the EU, you must pay import duties and other duties, if applicable. Import licences are available for certain products, which entitle you to a discount on the aforementioned duties. If you need any help with the application for (Agrim) import certificates, we can assist you. Thanks to our own surety agreement with the Fish, Meat and Egg Product Board (PVE), we can look after the application on your behalf and relieve you from the complicated administrative burden. Please contact us to ask about the possibilities - we will be happy to help.